We believe game-changing founders can come from anywhere.

  • We bring together exceptional entrepreneurs and accomplished accredited investors to fuel success.

    Our group is comprised of over 150 angel investors, many of whom have been entrepreneurs themselves. Beyond providing capital, we collaborate with our founders to ensure they have access to talent and future funding.


    Miami Angels' broad and diverse membership base allows us to invest across multiple industry sectors at the post-launch Seed Stage. We look at companies where our expertise can have a real impact. We invest in US-based, post-launch SaaS-enabled companies. Please read through our investment criteria for more details and to understand our thesis and process.


    We know not everyone has connections to investors and we are committed to supporting founders from diverse backgrounds across the United States. That is why you can email us directly by clicking below; no warm introduction or application necessary. Please read our investment criteria and write us a succinct email that includes 1) a blurb about your company, 2) your traction (i.e. MRR), 3) your fundraise details, and your deck.


    Miami Angels members are accredited investors that are hands-on in collaborating with entrepreneurs to create value. We welcome individuals, funds, corporate partners, and family offices to learn more about our group. We have members-only pitch nights once a month.

  • $22+ Million



    Average First Round Deal Size


    Accredited Investors