Exceptional teams with unique tech-enabled solutions for massive markets based in the US.


    Our investment process was built with founders in mind; no warm introduction or complicated application necessary. To learn more about our investment process and timeline, click here.




    We invest in companies with operations in the United States.


    Because of our diverse investor base, we are able to leverage that expertise and invest in many industries.


    However, we do NOT invest in hardware, lifestyle brands, consumer goods, biotech, development shops, or financial derivatives.

    Tech Powered

    Companies that have created technology to sell as a service, or are using technology to their advantage.

    Massive Markets

    Companies that offer solutions to pain points and issues in massive addressable markets.

    Market Fit

    Companies should be post-launch and have a developed product with at least some customers (e.g. indicators of product-market fit). We do review pre-revenue companies regularly.

    Experienced Teams

    You and your team should have relevant experience about the industry you are entering, the grit to push through roadblocks, and the vision to lead a fast-growing company.


    We want to see diverse teams from top-to-bottom, and we want to see company hiring practices built with the intention of providing equal opportunity to underrepresented minorities.


    An idea that is different from the competition and the status quo. You have identified the competition and can speak to what differentiates your company.

  • Why Miami Angels?

    Knowledgeable and Strategic Angel Investors

    Our investors are leaders within their industries.

    A Streamlined Investment Process

    Our due diligence process was created with founders in mind, and we aim to complete investments as quickly as possible.

    Smart Capital

    Our angel investors are ready to help guide your company to the next level.

    Follow-On Funding

    Miami Angels uses its vast network to support future capital raises for its portfolio companies.

  • Are you an exceptional entrepreneur with a disruptive idea?

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