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Membership Requirements

& How We Operate


Accredited Investors- Members must be SEC accredited investors.

Activity- Each member commits to making at least one $10,000 investment annually and championing one deal in total.

Annual Fees- All memberships are annual and begin on July 1st. To keep administration simple no pro-rata fees apply; except for after January 1st. Fees are $1,500 for individuals, $2,000 for couples, and $3,000 for institutional investors.

How To Apply- Please send an email of intent to The final decision will be made by our Board of Directors.

How We Operate

Investment Vehicle - Each Member is responsible to either utilize existing investment vehicles or create the necessary ones; as well as making sure all compliance & legal matters are in order.

Syndication - All Members invest on the same terms; even the Member who is leading the round and brought it to AGP.

Deal Champion - There is no additional incentive to take on this role. There exists a Gentleman's Agreement to ensure this role is evenly distributed.

Other Investment Networks - In case AGP does not fund the full round, it is up to the Deal Champion and the Managing Director to look for sources of additional funding; be it other angel groups, early-stage funds and the like.