Our strength as a group lies in the diversity of expertise and experiences of our investors. We welcome individuals who are passionate about early-stage ventures and lending their insights to building world class companies alongside exceptional entrepreneurs to join our group.  


    Accredited Investors



    Each member commits to investing $25,000 annually.


    Annual Fees

    All memberships are annual. Tiered fee structure for individuals, partners, and institutional investors are available.

  • Why Join Miami Angels?

    Quality Deal Flow

    Our full-time staff screens 80+ deals per month, so you only see the best ones.

    Angel Investor Education

    We help grow your skills as an angel investor by providing free educational workshops.

    Investment Syndication

    We invest as a group to obtain the best possible deal terms.

    No Mandatory Deals

    Miami Angels employs a voluntary model; we don't ever force our members to invest in specific deals.


    Voluntary Deals

    Miami Angels members invest in deals on a voluntary, case by case basis. There are no mandatory deals, though members are required to make at least one $25,000 investment per year to remain active.

    Investment Vehicle

    Each member is responsible for determining what investment vehicle (i.e. investing under a personal name, through a company or trust, etc.) is best for them, as well as making sure all compliance & legal matters are in order for said vehicles. On occasion, Miami Angels Members may make their collective investment in a company through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).

    Equal Terms

    All members invest on the same terms, even members who lead deal review or brought the deal to Miami Angels.

    Deal Review Champion

    All members are asked to serve as deal review champion from time to time. In this role, members lend their relevant expertise in a particular sector when the group is evaluating an investment. There is no additional incentive to take on this role.